Product introductionPOLYRINSAN series

Improve quality of meat, processed seafood products, processed agricultural products, bevarages etc.

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It is a formula (food additive) mainly containing polymerized phosphate and orthophosphate. It is widely used as a quality improver for various foods such as meat products, processed seafood products, dairy products, processed agricultural products, beverages, deli foods and the like. We combine a number of functions of polymerized phosphate so that it works most effectively, and can demonstrate excellent quality improvement in small amounts.

Main type

  • Improve bonding force and extensibility of ham · sausage

  • Stability of color · taste · smell

  • Improve protein water retentivity

  • Improve preservability of meat products and processed seafood products

  • Emulsification of cheese

  • Improve the texture and elasticity of Kamaboko

  • Soften the texture boiled beans

Function of Polyphosphoric
Acid and applications to food

function use
Inherent pH and buffering power acid Blowing agent yield improvement Bakery food
Various foods
alkali KANSUI Promotion of protein dissolution Chinese noodle
Bonding of fish meat, meat products, increase in water retention
buffering Stability of color · taste · smell Stabilization of various foods
Ion exchange
chelate action
(Chelate action)
Metal Chelate Antioxidant Oxidation of grease
Vitamin C stability
Ion exchange / Chelate Discoloration prevention
Κ-casein Ca → Na
Softening of manufacturing water
Crystal dissolution
Dye stability (various foods)
Emulsification of cheese
Improvement of transparency etc. of cooked beans and jelly
Preventing the generation of strata (canned)
Improvement of water retention in meat and fishery products
Action as multivalent anion adsorption Protein – Mg – protein + PP ->
Protein – Mg – PP + Protein
Improvement of water retention in meat and seafood products
(Pyrophosphate, polyphosphate)
Dispersion and cohesion prevention Dispersion of milk protein
Suspension stability of colloidal materials
Milk pudding, fermented milk jelly etc. (Metaphosphate)
Dispersion stability of edible pigments (beverages etc.)
The action of cations forming salts specific to each phosphate Ca, Fe
K, NH 4, Ca
NH 4, K
East food
Mineral-enriched food
Carrageenan, pectin
Bakery food

Functions of phosphate

A wide range of pH

We have a wide pH range from highly acidic (pH 1.5) to highly alkaline (pH 12.5), pH based on pH unique to phosphate.
The pK values ​​of representative phosphoric acids are shown in the figure below, where each phosphate shows strong buffering power, where in general, pH = pK.
It can be seen that each phosphate has strong buffering power near neutral.

Representative pK values ​​of phosphates

Types of phosphoric acid pK1 pK2 pK3 pK4 pK5
Orthophosphoric acid 2.15 7.20 12.44
Pyrophosphoric acid 0.80 2.64 6.76 9.42
Tripolyphosphoric acid small 2.00 2.30 6.50 9.24

※ pK value “Small” indicates that it is in a strong acidic range.

Excellent buffering properties

Excellent pH buffering power is demonstrated based on the combination of polymerized phosphate and orthophosphate.


Strong chelating action

It has a strong chelating effect (metal ion sequestering action), suppresses the oxidation / reduction action caused by heavy metal ions and polyvalent metal ions and suppresses discoloration.

▶ chelating action (example with tea)

It is effective for preventing discoloration of tea, fruit juice etc. and stabilizing vitamin C by high chelating action and antioxidant action.

Multivalent anion effect

It acts on proteins in foods and is effective for improving water retentivity (meat products, fishery products, etc.), improving dispersibility (eg milk protein), suspension stabilization (colloidal matter), etc.

Action of unique cations forming each phosphate

Cations forming phosphate such as mineral reinforced (Ca, Fe), yeast food (NH 4, K, (P)), gel formation (K, Ca) of thickening stabilizer (carrageenan, pectin etc.) It has been confirmed that there is action of.

List of POLYRINSAN series here ▶