Product introductionCurdlan Compounds

It gels by heating alone, and it corresponds to a wide range of pH

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What is Curdlan ?

Curdlan is fermented polysaccharides made from glucose. It has a property of solidifying when heated, excellent stability, and unchangeable by freezing and thawing in structure.

Main effects

  • Noodles (Chinese noodles, udon)
    Provide elasticity / elasticity, suppress boiling elongation

  • Processed meat products
    Giving elasticity, improving yield
    Breaking prevention

  • Fishery paste products
    Cost reduction by imparting elasticity, substitution of surimi

  • processed meat (hamburger steak)
    Giving elasticity, improving yield

  • dumplings and dim sum
    Improvement of water retention of ingredients, improvement of texture, and softness

  • Cream croquette
    Crack prevention

  • steamed dumplings
    Blister bulging prevention

  • Sauce dressing
    Prevention of sauce dripping, gloss improvement, prevention of scorching,Prevention of precipitation of ingredients, sediment retardation effect

  • Canned bottled products
    Prevention of dripping of fishery canned, improvement of yield

  • Other
    Suppression of boiled rice cake
    Improve the texture of frozen / refrigerated sponge cake,
    Suppress oil absorption of fried food

Function of Curdlan

Gel function

Gel strength of curdlan increases with heating temperature, time and concentration. Gels with different properties are made depending on the way of heating.

Effect of heating time on gel strength (2% gel)
Effect of heating time on gel strength (2% gel)
Effects of heating temperature on gel strength
(3% for 10 min)
▶heat irreversible gel (high set gel) Gel is dispersed in water and heated to 80 ℃or higher, and it becomes an irreversible gel (high set gel) and insoluble even after reheating.
Effects of curdlan concentration on gel strength
▶thermoreversible gel (low set gel) Gel is dispersed in water and heated to 60℃, and it becomes a thermoreversible gel (low set gel).


The curdlan gel has high freezing tolerance, and even if it is repeatedly frozen and thawed, the physical properties hardly change.

Effect of freezing and thawing on gel strength
Effect of freezing and thawing on gel strength

Acid and alkali resistance

Gels are formed in a wide pH range of pH 2 to
10, and even when the pH changes,
there is almost no change in gel strength.

Effect of pH on gel strength
Effect of pH on gel strength

Heat resistance (retort tolerance)

Curdlan gel has high heat resistance and it will not break even if it is retorted.


By crushing curdlan gel into a paste, fat-like viscous substances with less spinnability is made.

Oil soluble substance inclusion
(emulsion gel formation)

Emulsions of fats and oils are gelated and incorporated into the gel.

Source: Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Limited Curdlan brochure

Curdlan series list is here ▶