Product introductionFunctional Food Materials

Food materials such as protein, sugar, seasoning

What is Functional Food Materials?

The food materials are food widely applied in the manufacture and development of various processed foods. It is used for processed meat products, surimi products, deli foods, health foods, confectionery, beverages and the like. We provide food materials to meet various needs in diversed eating culture.

Product list of food materials

Main type

Protein materials and related formulations
Item name Component Use
Pea Pea protein
Protein contained in yellow pea Can be used for quality improvement, protein strengthening, emulsification purposes on processed meat products, deli foods, processed fish products, seasonings, flour products etc.
Protein processed product
Protein processed product with thickening stabilizer mixed with pea protein Meat processed goods, prepared dishes, processed fish meat products, seasonings, wheat flour products and other quality improvers. It has emulsifying power and emulsification stability, and exerts constant emulsifying power even in the low pH range.
Egg Dried egg white
High-gel type egg white powder Gelling ability, emulsifiability, high bubbling property, can be used widely for food materials and processed food products. Especially used as quality enhancer for processed meat products, surimi products, noodles.
Whole egg powder Whole egg powder Used for improvement of bonding and emulsification effect, texture improvement.
Milk Whey protein
Lactoalbumin E
Whey protein for food with excellent salt tolerance High-gel type milk protein with salt tolerance, ideal for improving the quality and texture of processed meat products, surimi products, noodles, dumplings, baked goods and other various foods.
In the case of processed meat products, there is almost no increase in viscosity even when added to pickling solution.
Item name Component Use
Dextrin Saccharides
Starch hydrolyzate Used for water retention / preservation of foods, improvement of yields and doubling.
It has less sweetness and does not affect the flavor of food. The solution has high water retentivity and hardly causes aging or browning reaction.
Natural seasoning materials
Item name Component Use
Taste BT
Brown liquid made by heating sugar for a long time (caramel style sauce) It has sucrose flavor and strong bitterness Giving bitterness / richness, sweetness, crunchiness, flavor enhancement to confectionery / bakery, drinks, desserts etc.
Taste BT Powder Mixed Taste BT with dextrin and made into powder
It is a reddish-brown powder and has a flavor and bitter taste of sucrose
Giving bitterness / richness, sweetness, crunchiness, flavor enhancement to confectionery / bakery, drinks, desserts etc.
Taste KM – 40
Dark brown liquid seasoning made by heating soy sauce and sugar for a long time Giving rich flavor, sense of cooking, aging and roasting food