Introduction of the R&D Development system

What we can do for new ‘deliciousness’

About development system

Along with changes in lifestyles and diversification of preferences about foods, expectations for food processing agents are getting even higher. Organo Food Tech Corporation develops high-quality products with its own research and development system complete with prototype equipment and evaluation equipment for various foods. We are responding to various customer’s requests.

A wide variety of development products

  • Livestock meat processing

  • Seafood processing

  • Noodles

  • Deli Foods

  • Beverages / Desserts

  • New materials

Flow of product development

Our strengths

  • New development facility
    New development
    In addition to the existing research building, the second research building was newly completed in 2016, which has development facilities and analysis and prototyping devices in any food industries.
  • Many development results
    Many development
    We offer products developed by our company for customers in various food fields such as meat, surimi products, flour products,
    deli foods and desserts.
  • Abundant raw material handling experience
    Abundant raw material handling experience
    We have abundant raw materials handling experience such as product development that make the best use of the characteristics of raw materials and the ones with domestic and international suppliers.
  • 知識と経験に裏付けられた商品開発
    Based on our best practice and on our expertise on diverse product development materials
    we are developing products that best meet the needs of our customers.
  • Many development achievements
    Many development achievements
    We can respond flexibly to product developments and collaborative prototyping with customers. Since development facilities are adjacent to the factory, it is possible to speedily commercialize products.