Product introductionFood Additive Compounds

Premix for various food such as ham, sausage, noodles, confectionery, beverages etc..

What is food additive formulation?

We offer food additive Compounds for various foods such as noodles, confectionery, beverages, etc., including phosphate, sodium nitrite, potassium chloride and the like used for ham, sausage and so on.

Product list of food additive formulation

Main type

Sodium Nitrate Compounds
Sodium nitrite is used for color development of meat and fish meat products. Since its usage is regulated, our company offers diluted sodium nitrite formulation.

Main Usage

Products Maximum remaining amount
(Maximum residual amount of nitrite root)
Meat products, whale meat bacon 0.070g/kg(70ppm)
Fish sausage, fish meat ham 0.050g/kg(50ppm)
salmon roe, cod roe 0.0050g/kg (5ppm)
“KANSUI” is an alkaline food additive used for the production of Chinese noodles.
By using “KANSUI”, the quality improvement effect of Chinese noodles like the following will be obtained.
Kansui functions
· Increases noodle quality · · ·add elasticity and smoothness
· Color development of noodle strip · · · Reacts with flavonoid pigment to develop yellow color
· Add flavor · · · flavor peculiar to “Chinese noodles”
It is a quality improver for discoloration and oxidation prevention of processed foods. Suppresses discoloration and alteration of food.

Main products

Item name Use
C-rich®CA-10 Meat products · processed fish meat
C-rich®CT-15 pickles
C-rich®G-5 For processing root vegitables
C-rich®P-1 For processing vegetables
C-rich®FA For processing seafood (mainly red fishes)
C-rich®FA-A For processing seafood (mainly red fishes)
C-rich®FD For processing seafood (mainly blue fish)
C-rich®CY-A fish paste
C-rich®CU-3 For processing seafood (steamed ir boiled octopus)