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Original products / technologies

We own our original technologies and make product proposals such as slightly acidic electrolyzed water that can be used for sanitary environment improvement, disinfection and deodorization, granulation technology for enhancing dispersibility, peptone for medium and others.

List of original products / technologies

Main type

Slightly acidic electrolyzed water
(Orplus slightly acidic water)
In 2002, slightly acidic electrolyzed water was approved as a food additive as “fungicide”.
You can use it as a finishing disinfectant for food and deodorant applications.


Comparison with other fungicide
It disinfects and sterilizes food with bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores etc.
How to use
After thoroughly rinsing off dirt, apply slightly acidic electrolyzed water. It is low in irritation, low in corrosion, low in irritating odor and irritancy, and corrosiveness to stainless steel is also low. (Please check in advance)
Secondary Effect
Even when you wash raw vegetables, the crunchiness in texture remains longer.
The deodorant effect
Odor components (bacterial or ammonia origin, etc.) are reduced.
The safety has been confirmed.
Environmentally friendly, and trihalomethane (THMs) will not be composed..”
Granulation technology etc.
We propose granulation as a means to increase the dispersibility and homogenization of materials such as thickening polysaccharides and health foods into solution.
Thickening polysaccharides such as xanthan gum with high hydratability and fast viscosity are likely to form lumps when added to water,
Although it may not develop sufficient viscosity, it is possible to make a homogeneous dispersion solution by granulation technology.

Granulation technology

Peptone for Medium
Peptone of the world’s leading peptone supplier Organo Technique (France)
We import and sell peptone / extract for fermentation medium.
Products sold
· Peptone (casein, soybean, wheat, pea, potato, meat)
· yeast extract, malt extract, heart extract etc.

Products sold