Product introductionHydrocolloids

It improves chewiness and elasticity, and it is useful for form stability and gelation

What is hydrocolloids?

Hydrocolloids is a highly viscous, water-soluble polysaccharide composed of multiple sugars. It has a function to regulate subtle texture such as chewiness, softness, smoothness etc., thickening and stabilizing the shape of food, and it is used from confectionery to prepared foods and nursing care meals.

Product list of hydrocolloids

Main type

Xanthan gum
Xanthan gum is hydrocolloids produced by fermentation of Xanthomonas campestris. It is soluble in cold water, it shows heat resistance, salt tolerance, resistance to enzymes, freezing and thawing resistance, emulsification retention, so it is used in dressing and sauce for thickening and dispersion stability.
Guar gum
Guar gum is obtained from the seed of an annual plant legume “Guar” cultivated in the hot and dry semi-desert area of Eastern Pakistan and Western India. It disperses in cold water and more quickly in hot water. Since it shows little viscosity at low concentrations and shows very high viscosity at high concentrations, it is used for thickening sauce and preventing syneresis of food boiled in soy sauce.
Carrageenan is hydrocolloids mainly extracted from red algae of seaweed. The characteristics slightly differ depending on seaweed type and extraction method, but it is used for elasticity of ham and jelly, thickening of sauce, dispersion stability, end etc.
Pectin is hydrocolloids extracted from peel of citrus fruits such as lemons and limes and apples. It is of high sugar content and used for jam of low pH range(pH 3.5 or less), gelation of filling and jelly, and dispersion stability of protein in acidic milk drink.
Carob Bean Gum
(Locust Bean Gum)
Carob Bean Gum(Locust Bean Gum) is hydrodolloids obtained from endosperms of seeds of carob trees growing in the Mediterranean Coast and Atlantic Ocean. It is insoluble in cold water. It is completely soluble in water above 80 ℃.It is also used for viscosity of sauce and stabilizer of ice cream.It is used as viscous solution. It shows synergistic effects with Xanthan gum and carrageenan. It is used as a gelling agent to form a elastic gel.
Curdlan is hydrocolloids made from fermentation of microorganisms such as Agrobacterium bacteria (Agrobacterium biovar 1 etc.). It is insoluble in water. It is soluble with alkali.It is heat resistant and freezing and thawing resistant material made from various types of gel by heating and neutralization, and etc. It is used for a wide range of foods such as quality improvement of food and substitution of allergic materials such as eggs.