Contract processingContract flow

We will respond to customer’s request

Flow of consignment processing / development

We can respond to various needs such as to preserve fresh attributes and nutritional quality, prevent discoloration, to improve texture, workability or yield.
Please feel free to contact us for consultation, quotation request etc.

Product development flow

  • STEP1

    Request and consultation
    The telephone inquiry form Please do not hesitate to consult us.
  • STEP2

    In order to grasp the needs of customers, quality, and budget, we conduct hearings in detail.
  • STEP3

    Consideration of formulation proposal
    We examine ingredients and manufacturing methods,We conduct safety checks and cost estimates.
  • STEP4

    We manifacture a prototype, conduct the in-house test, and then ask the customer to evaluate the sample.
  • STEP5

    Start supply
    Once the customer is satisfied with the prototype, we will start manufacturing the product.
    We manufacture, quality control and deliver properly.