Product introduction Curdlan Compound CD-ES

Easy-to-use granular form improves elasticity / dispersibility / texture

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What is Curdlan Compound CD-ES

It is an epoch-making preparation which made it possible to easily disperse in water by unique granulation technology.

Main effects

  • Noodles (Chinese noodles, udon)
    Provides elasticity, prevents noodle elongation

  • Fish pastes
    Cost reduction by imparting elasticity or substituting surimi(fish paste)

  • deli meat (hamburger)
    Elasticity, yield improvement

  • sauce, dressing
    Dispersion of ingredients (sesame, onion etc.) with low viscosity, improvement of homogeneous filling workability

  • Jelly · Pudding
    Gel base material

  • Other
    Substitution for food allergy(eg. egg white) and increasing food heat resistance
    Reproduction of texture of boiled squid style food

Function of Curdlan Compound CD-ES

Improve dispersibility by adding alkaline agent

Dispersibility comparison(appearance of 1% solution stirred and left to stand for 10 minutes)
Improvement of shape retention of Mentaiko Mayonnaise
Easy-to-disperse curdlan with granulation technology
Easy-to-disperse curdlan with granulation technology

Improve texture and elasticity of udon noodle etc.

Raw material name untreated CD-ES
Medium strength flour(protein 9%) 100.0 100.0
Salt 4.0 4.0
Meyor NT75 3.0 3.0
Curdlan Compound CD-ES 1.0
water 36.0 36.0
total 143.0 144.0
Moisture content(%) 43.0 44.0
sensory evaluation
Evaluation on hardness and elasticity (Koshi) by 7 points evaluation method N = 5(in case of non-treated, 4)

Used as a substitute for fish paste(surimi) to prevent losing the texture

すり身の代替として利用し、硬さと弾力の低下を抑制 すり身の代替として利用し、硬さと弾力の低下を抑制 すり身の代替として利用し、硬さと弾力の低下を抑制

Test area Profile
Control Moderately hard and elastic texture
Fish paste(surimi) reduced by 15 % Soft and brittle texture. easy to tear.
Fish paste (surimi) reduced by 15%
(Curdlan Compound CD-ES)
· Elastic texture as in Control, flexible and hard to split.

Improvement of heat resistance and shape retention

Added to chocolate for ganache-like flavor and heat resistence
Baked in an oven at 180 ° C for 50 minutes
  • コントロール(チョコレート)
  • Curdlan chocolate
    Curdlan chocolate
Leave at 40℃ and 50% relative humidity for 30 minutes
  • コントロール(チョコレート)
  • カードランチョコレート
    Curdlan chocolate

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