Product introductionNattokinase HTNK-J

Useful ingredients of traditional food “natto” in easy-to-use powder

What is nattokinase?

Nattokinase is an enzyme produced by Bacillus subtilis natto. Its functions of acting directly on fibrin which is the main component of thrombus and decomposing (disolving), etc. are drawing attention.

Main type

  • supplements

Features of Nattokinase HTNK-J

It is a extracted powder of cultivated natto Bacillus containing Nattokinase HTNK-J which is suitable for supplements for people who are not keen on natto.
  • Having nattokinase activity
  • GMO free
  • Animal raw materials free
  • Reduced natto smell
  • Vitamin K2 removed


It acts directly on fibrin which is the main component of thrombus and dissolves it.

Fibrin dissolution test by the fibrin plate method

The state in which different levels of concentration of nattokinase HTNK-J was dropped on the center of the fibrin plate.
▶ Mechanism of natto kinase thrombolysis
▶ Amino acid sequence of nattokinase

Safety test

Various safety tests are conducted, confirming the safety
  • Oral administration
    to rats
  • Reverse mutation test using bacteria
  • Chromosomal aberration test using mammalian cultured cells

Product specification value of nattokinase HTNK-J

▶ Product specification
· Nattokinase activity of 20,000 FU / g or more
· Loss on drying 10% or less
· Heavy metal (as Pb) 40 ppm or less
· Arsenic (As 2 O 3) 4 ppm or less
· Aerobic Plate Count 3,000 units / g or fewer
· Escherichia coli negative
▶ Estimated daily intake
Please take 100 mg (2000 FU) as a guide

Functions of nattokinase

▶ Angiography before and after the administration of nattokinase

Nattokinase was orally administered to an animal of thrombosis (subject). As a result, a complete re-opening of the blood vessels was confirmed 5 hours after the administration.

Angiography before and after the administration of nattokinase
Nattokinase HTNK-J投与前後の血管造影
▶ Change in blood marker after the administration of nattokinase

Nattokinase extracted from natto was administered orally to healthy adults. As a result, fibrin resolution (EPA), fibrin degradation product (FDP), tissue plasminogen activator (t – PA) are found to be increased.

Changes in thrombolysis after the administration of nattokinase
Changes in thrombolysis after the administration of nattokinase